Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Great Book about a Great Place ~ Mackinac Island

I know the focus of this blog is my Zentangle.  But when I read a good book, I like to share.  Go to for the synaposis of the book.  My review is below.

I love Mackinac Island more that I like Historical Romance.  But this book has me loving both.  The descriptions of the island take me back there, even if it is another time period.  I can still see the Grand Hotel and imagine all the ladies in their finery.  I also found the descriptions of the time period interesting.  Society had certain rules for men and women to abide by.  I’m so glad I didn’t live back then.  I would constantly be in trouble for being a free thinker.
            In the last third of the book, Elena is properly introduced to the man her mother hopes she will marry to save the family from the poor house.  Elena and Chase had formed a friendship based on neither one revealing the whole truth about who they really were.  They each thought the other was in much lower station in life than they really were.  So, when they were properly introduced,  they both thought the other had deceived them.  They both vowed never to see each other again.  But deep in their hearts, they longed for the other.  The author could have drawn out this tension for a major part of the book, but she didn’t.  The resolution came about in a timely manner, and the ending was quite wonderful.  My favorite character was Chase’s mother.  She was the crème of society, yet very down to earth.  She was so different from the other women in that she would not tolerate gossip, which was the main entertainment for most women back in the day.  It was through her that a lot of healing between the characters took place.
            The other thing I like about this book was the fact that I didn’t find any errors.  It was so pleasant to not be jarred with a wrong word or misplaced sentence part.  When I consider a book, I look at the reviews.  If a review mentions that there were a lot of typos, I won’t read it~~even if it’s a great story.  My sunbonnet is off to Melanie Dobson and Summerside Press for a great read.

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