Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Loving Memory of Ally Gill

Ally Gill came into our lives in 1998 as a very small puppy.  We had no idea at the time how our lives would be changed.

See those precious eyes.  They could melt your heart in a second.  She belonged to Tony and Marianna, but it wasn't long until she worked her way into our hearts.  She was just a small ball of fur and energy.  We thought she would never grow out of her puppy phase, but she finally did.  We kept her own food and water bowl at our house and plenty of toys for her.

As an older dog, she loved her Christmas presents.  She really tore into them.

She even like to wear Christmas bows in her hair.

She loved to romp in the snow!

Tony and Marianna even had a birthday party in her honor.

Of course, only her closest friends were invited for the festivities.  What fun they all had.

She was your typical camera hog.  She'd always look up at you as if to say, "Take my picture, Grandma."

She loved it when Grandpa would play with her in the yard and rub her belly.

When she came to visit, she didn't like the hardwood floors, so she would patiently wait unit I finished my sewing so we could play.

Waiting for her portion of turkey was always a favorite activity of hers. Actually, eating the turkey was the favorite part.

We believe she had a stroke on Wednesday, May 30th.  That was the beginning of a quick, humane end for her.  On Friday, her dearest friends came to love on her and say good-bye.  I laid on the floor with her for hours just petting her and telling her I loved her and what a good puppy she was.  Saturday morning, Jerry and I accompanied her with Tony and Marianna to the vet.  It was to be her last visit.  Although Friday she couldn't stand without assistance, she refused to be carried into the vet's.  She squirmed out of the blanket to walk into the building with assistance and dignity.  She went to doggie heaven in peace surrounded in love.

Ally was such a gentle, good dog.  The tears have slowed, but we will never forget this wonderful part of our lives.


  1. God hold Ally in His everloving arms! She is an angel even more so now and looking down at you keeping you safe! What a beautiful girl!! A beautiful tribute, dear friend and I send you big hugssss and much love! Cherish the memories!! <3

  2. you are so blessed to have such wonderful memories of this sweetheart. So thankful that she had you as well...all pets should be so loved

  3. Such a sweetheart. She will be missed.