Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quilt Show Is Over!

Wow!  What an exhausting four days!  Last Wednesday, I set up my booth at the Redbud Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show.  That day wasn’t so bad.  Thursday, I spent almost 12 hours as scribe (the person who writes down all the judge’s comments) for over 100 items.  I learned a lot, but what a long day!  Friday was the first day of the show.  I was at the show for over 11 hours that day.  Saturday was a shorter day for the show, and it was very slow.  I was only there for about 7 ½ hours.  From there I went to a fund raising dinner at my church.  So the day ended up being very long also.  But I did get to plant many seeds for classes and, hopefully, educated people on the value of Zentangle.  Let me just say that the money I took in on sales I spent on fabric.  So I broke even, right?  I really need to show more self control.  Below are some pictures of my display and the products that I had available.  I had to laugh at one person after she walked away from my table.  She said I wasn’t charging enough for my earrings.  But she still didn’t buy any of them.  Well, I have a good stock for the bazaars in the Fall.  Now maybe I can find the time to tangle for the different challenges that are out there.

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