Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Second Ensemble Completed for Exchange

A good friend and fellow CZT is hosting an exchange of the ensemble tiles.  I posted the straight one earlier that I am submitting.  I stayed up until 3 am this morning to complete five of the curvy tiles so I could get them in the mail today.  I hope you like them.  It's odd how Zentangle works. I would look at all my reference tangles and start out to draw one and end up doing tanglations (that's a variation of a tangle).  Even at 3 am it's just too much fun.  After the new year starts, I am going to activily market my craft.  Can't wait to share this with everyone.  Enjoy the slide show.

This is number 1.

This is the top middle.

Top right corner.

Then you have the left middle tile.  The first four tiles took me about an hour each during the day.

This is the middle tile.  The first of my insomnia tiles.

This is the middle right tile.  I'm getting original here.  Tired of looking through patterns.

Bottom left tile.  OK, trying to get it all done quickly.  But I think it's still a neat tile.

Tile number 8.  I'm almost done.  One of the patterns didn't turn out as I had set out to do.  But that happens a lot in Zentangle.  At least, I didn't have to use Bronx Cheer to cover up a mistake.

Woo Hoo! I am finished!  I started doing paradox and couldn't quit.  Now for the whole emsemble.

Wait for it!

Wait for it!

Ok, you wait is over.  Here it is!

Now Jennifer is going to mix these all up with other participating CZT's and send me back one of their tiles so I will have a new ensemble.  It's going to be a long couple of weeks.  Thank you Jennifer for your willingness to do this.  I don't think the other CZT's will mind if I post the ensemble I'll receive.

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