Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diva Challenge 42 ~~ HOPE

I wasn't going to do this week's challenge because I have many other projects I want to finish before I go to the conference next week.  However, I was reading a post from an internet friend of mine, and I was moved to make this tile.  It is dedicated to Lauren.  She has fought breast cancer and WON!  She has been sharing her journal on line, and her courage is amazing.  In this tile, cancer may try and hold us back or "cage" us in.  But Lauren hung on to the rope God gave her, and she perservered.  She is my true hero.  Lauren, you are always in my prayers.


  1. Wow, love the meanings behind the tangles, this is simple and beautiful.

  2. Wonderful!! Great representations!1

  3. Great blog, Barb. I am working on mine but have so much other stuff to do for church right now. It will be up soon. You have done a super job on this and should be happy with the results.